your defense of immigrants is fucking colonialist


The Bridge to Texangeles

This past week, Donald Trump showed his ass. So did white liberals. You know, the ones swathing themselves in American flags and holding pictures of dead Syrian children. For a moment I thought the alt-right had gone so far right it was left again, because some of the white liberalism I witnessed at #NoWallNoBan actions this weekend was downright imperialist in the name of immigration. 

“Yo!” you protest, “Stop criticizing the people that are joining the movement! They should be rewarded with freshly baked cookies and golden safety pins for their allyship!”. To which I reply, without criticism, the only movement that these white liberals are joining is the United States’ movement to colonize the globe. People need to understand what they’re fighting, and it is unfortunately abundantly clear they will never reach this understanding without my salty first generation immigrant opinions ruining their day, nor the voice of other…

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The Adopted Life Episodes – COMING SOON

Angela Tucker


I am very excited to launch The Adopted Life Episodes campaign!

I plan to host a series where I speak one-on-one with transracially adopted youth posing developmentally appropriate questions in a conversational and journalistic approach. Each episode will feature between 10 transracially adopted youth and will be edited to an estimated run-time of ten to fifteen minutes. My husband, filmmaker Bryan Tucker, will film each episode and we will co-edit them together. I am purposefully launching this campaign during National Adoption Month, in an effort to provide a platform to the lesser heard voices; adoptees and foster youth. Head on over to Kickstarter to learn more about this venture.


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Changing Face

I don't write much. I often wish I wrote a lot more than I do. I often want to write about things other than adoption, ALS and family. I like writing short stories and just about my life in general as a result I am rebranding this blog. In effect, I am changing faces. I'll … Continue reading Changing Face

Mocking “Foreign Accents” and the Privilege of “Sounding White”

Mocking "Foreign Accents" and the Privilege of "Sounding White" Well written and well said by MastQalander at Muslim Reverie. I think this piece is remarkably important and to international adoptees, and their families, in particular. It certainly urges us to examine one of the ways in which we are privileged that does not gain a … Continue reading Mocking “Foreign Accents” and the Privilege of “Sounding White”

Signing Off

Dear Blogosphere (I love that term): I have had a great time blogging and "meeting" fellow bloggers. As of this post I am signing off from Stuckout. Its been a wonderful adventure and I may return, but for the forseeable future this is all for now. I greatly appreciate those who have read my jibberish … Continue reading Signing Off

One Lovely Blog Award

First I want to thank Marisha and Luanne from Don't We Look Alike? for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. From the beginning of my blogging career (about 4 months ago) Marisha and Luanne have offered me feedback and encouragement in my own writing. They have also helped me to continue to write … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award


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